Organic ENERGY Moringa & Ginger

Organic ENERGY Moringa & Ginger


Energising & Warming Herbal Tea

Asante Mama’s Moringa and Gingner Herbal tea combines all the health benefits contained in each natural ingredient and balances their flavours wonderfully. Ginger (Zingiber Officinalis), on of the healthiest spices on earth, is filled with nutrients and has been always been used to treats colds, ease digestion and help relieve joint pain. Moringa Oleifera, gives you an energising boost when you need it the most. Indigenous cultures around the world have have used all part of the miracle moringa tree to treat illnesses, supplment their diets and boost overall health.

Perfect Weight Loss Tea

Both Moringa and Ginger have anti-inflammatory capabilities, and with the additional benefits of staying hydrated by drinking plenty of tea, they contribute to a healthy gut and digestive system. The health of these are now increasingly recognised as the key to find your equilibrium weight.


Ingredients: (Moringa) Moringa oleifera, (Ginger) zingiber officinalis

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