I was in Uganda in the last week of June, crisscrossing the countryside as usual, inspecting moringa and other herbal tea fields to make sure farmers produce the best quality we need.

On the second day in the field i met Caroline, a beautiful 15 year old girl. Her story broke my heart and i decided to record just a bit of it. She is so smart, so intelligent and stuck without much opportunities in a remote village.

I discovered that she has missed school for a few weeks now because she could not finish paying school fees. The trimester costs about 130 Euro. She had paid about 90 euro but she did not have the balance to finish paying school fees.

She decided to plant 1.5 acres of moringa – about 12,000 plants and working in the field by herself or sometimes with the help of her mother. She was desperately waiting for her moringa to mature but that will take another 3 – 4 weeks before she can harvest. She had asked one of Asante Mama field officers if she can start harvesting a few leaves in the current state but apparently it was not advisable to start harvesting before the crop matures.

That means she would miss a full term of school yet she has to do her mock exams at the end of term. I saw her report card. She is doing extremely well at school with Top grades. She is the last child of 11 children. Her father died when she was very young. She was born on 20th March 2004.

I gave her the money she needed to finish paying school fees and she is now back in school. I decided on the spot to make a distance adoption and will be paying her school fees and see her through school.

Any one who wants to give additional support to Caroline is welcome to contact me. She is really brilliant but has no opportunity to make it in her current state without additional support. Even 10 euro per month will take Caroline a long way.

She will do her O’level (equivalent of IGCSE) this year. She wants to go to nursing school next year. Caroline is very intelligent but she does not have money for fees. Anyone who is interested in knowing more and helping to empower this little girl please email me at